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I present the FAQ, the knowledge base, the Wiki, the Q&A, the ‘all the things you never wanted to know about Chelle’..thing. Well, someone wanted to know these things and now you benefit from it..cause I’m all for efficient [read: I’m only typing it once]. You got questions, I -may- have answers. May I interest you in following me on twitter, that way it’ll only hurt tickle for 140 characters or a time. If you like to know what you may be getting into following me on Twitter, please to be reading this right chere. Ask your questions here.


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Cliff Notes:

Geek/nerd fusion worderer1 that loves writing, learning things, power tools, DIY $things, a great story and on repeated occasions, badassery. By nature, I’m a creative person. So I’m usually in my workshop building things.   Basically my brain? It’s like Johnny 5: Needs input. Kevin Conroy is a GQMF in my book. As is Mark Hamill, Tim Daly and Clancey Brown. I like my music ranging from instrumental to rock, if a story grabs my interest, I engage, I love to laugh and Die Hard’s a Christmas movie.

1If you find the coffee table books I’m published in…I will find you and I will take them from you, and make Papier-mâché things out of them -/Liam Neesons-.

I mainly have this because of the ask feature but it also has become handy for quick posts reflecting things relevant to my Brain Things.

Site Wiki is here; which pretty much sums up what this site is, has the disclaimer flavored bits n bobs… et cetera, et cetera, et cetera.  If you heard Yul Brynner’s voice while reading that, you’re awesome.

What is this?

You know those leetle ‘About Me’ type pages or 100 things whatchamuhdealies? Well, this is that..sorta. People asked, I answered. Simple. And I heart simple.

What are your stats?

Name: You can call me Chelle, Mizz Chelle if your nastay!

Nickname(s): Chelle, Chellie, Chells, BJQ [don’t ask for godsakes..don’t ask], Muse and Crachet’s come up a time or two [I have Timmy,’s monkey].

Parents names: Mom and Dad. Wha? That’s what I call em.

Sibling(s): Zi

B-day: Sept 12 [Wishes for continued Awesome will earn you my fabulous and spectacular ‘THANK YOU!!!!!!’]

Pets: I have none..I want goldfish to fatten and two turtles. Clearly I’ve given this no thought at all.

Eye color: Sky blue

Hair color: Auburn

Height: 5’5″

Hometown: J-ville, NC

Current Residence: Yuppieville, Charleston, SC


– I am a dyslexic typer, being fluent in typo helps
– I also have a pop culture/movie/tv reference disease. Quiz: Who have I quoted already?

What is your favorite []?

Music: My mainstay with music is rock- from classic to alternative to a blending of rock and classical elements like strings, Yo-Yo Ma and Tan Dun together are amazing.  I love the sound of the cello and wish that I had tried hard to campaign to play that in band instead.

Movie: The Crow, Hero by Zhang Yimou, Infernal Affairs, SPL, Bruce Lee flicks, Toshiro Mifune flicks, there’s loads.

I tend to gravitate to psychological thrillers and anything that likes to explore characters.  I will also have a fondness for things that are different, usually in the voice and tone of their writing.  I love action movies- I can’t ever watch enough Westerns, Samurai flicks, Martial Arts films, etc.  My dad is responsible for my and my mom’s affection towards Bruce Lee, Sly Stallone, Bruce Willis and Harrison Ford.   I’m sure he’d be a Pixar junkie like me as well if he were still alive.

I used to joke with my mom and her love of her ‘old war movies,’ but I now understand the package they’re wrapped in- they have their own story.  I try to watch an oldie but goodie at her recommendation because c’mon, a goof film’s a good film.

Holiday: Any, I love days off.

Day of the week: One in which I have off.  Those rule.

Word or phrase: I have current fav cuss word is bastard and saying in mails/notes that $thing is teh real $descriptor.

Outfit to wear: Jeans, top, and slip ons. ¡Viva las sandales!

Restaurant: Taj Mahal in Raleigh, NC; Meritage, A Taste of India, Papa Zu Zu’s, Wasabi in Charleston, SC; Soire’s Bistro, Sakyo, Ali Baba, Dragon Palace and Mosaic Cafe in Mt. Pleasant, SC, The Sangria House in Jacksonville, FL, Cafe Sevilla in San Diego, CA. RIP Anchor Line, Folly Beach, SC

Flowers: Usually a bouquet of that looks like wildflowers- Alstroemeria [Peruvian Lillies], snapdragons, tulips in warm, rich earthy colors.  Not big on roses.

Feeling:  Gleeful

Sport to watch: Football [that’s soccer, not American football], no question

Ice cream: Sherbert, Mint Chocolate anything and Edy’s Sorbets and fruit on a stick [fruit bars], Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter Cup and Americone Dream, Häagen-Dazs

Drink: Green tea.

Food: Mom’s [is that any surprise?], Italian, Indian, Asian, Mediterranean, Gambian, Ethiopian, Chinese [not talking your Great Wall around the corner either]..[those are ones I’ve tried] I’m open-minded like that so uhhh, what countries am I missing?

Place to be: My room [it’d be your fav place to if you ever set eyes on it, it’s so purdy], my mind and with my friends.

Favorite all time TV show: I can’t pick just one, I refuse.  Please to be seeing tagged content here.

TV Network: the Food Network , HGTV, DIY, USA Network and Discovery/History type channels.

Planet: Pluto.  Pluto needs some love [IT’S A PLANET TO ME DAMMIT].

Symbol:  I think the storyteller in me gravitates to symbols because they have their own stories.   The symbols I love a lot are Elephants, Butterflies, dragon carps, calaveras, and most Celtic designs.  Things with meaning are like ‘oooo shiny’ hypnosis for my brain.

What color is your bedroom carpet?

I have no carpet! w00t! Casa Primer has hardwood baby, oh yeah!

Have you ever been convicted of a crime?

Umm, well I’ve jaywalked…that’s makes me a bad person doesn’t it? Oh I’m evil -sob!-

Which store would you max out your credit card at?

Ooo, tough call. An electronics store, home improvement store,;;…gyah..the CHOICES man…the choices!!.

What do you do most often when you are bored?

There is no such thing as a bored Chelle. As a perfectionist, I’m inherently hard-wired to find something to do.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Tie between hypocrites, manipulative people, and narrowmindedness

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever discovered?

That my BFF is roughly 9 hours older than me and we first crossed paths in University.

What’s your type?

Blood type? Body type? Man beast type? I need specifics here people!

Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

I’ve yet to find someone I actually like, which is a crucial first step and the main criteria for such things.

What’s the perfect date?

Ahh great question! I want to try and get a feel for someone. Hey! Not that kind of feel! Pervs!A good first date for me, going somewhere where an actual conversation can be held with ease, preferably with no yelling in order to be heard.

Follow up dates?

[see you’re getting a freebie]: Iono, grabbing a drink [coffee, tea, smoothie] or some eats and following up with going to an exhibit, a tour, you know somewhere where you can learn a little something new. My inner geek loves learning new stuff.

You see, I actually like meeting people. My favorite thing that I enjoy is the getting to know a person process. I’m in no rush and I prefer a friendship over anything else. I have friends that I have known for years. I’d sooner have that than a fly by night something or other.

What is the thing that really ticks you off?

A few things: people pushing their beliefs on to you- they obviously don’t respect the person you are. Hypocrites, arrogant asses… actually, in the vein of full disclosure, I’ve found that I generally don’t -like- people. There are exceptions, and these would be people that are cool and awesome and called my friends/pals.

What’s the perfect friend?

Some one who is similar but ultimately complements me.

When was your last hospital visit?

I try to stay away from hospitals and doctor’s visits in general, as I don’t like not being 100%. I actually find it annoying. Case in point, being benched for 6ish+ weeks to heal up and recover after a surgery. Trex was right, after a point, you don’t care about walking bare-assed in a hospital gown. Never thought I’d get over -that- particular ‘DO NOT WANT!’ aspect about me.

Most creative thing you’ve done:

From the feedback I get [read: comments that I’m EVIL], I’m guessing my foodp0rn.

What do you do in your spare time?

What the hell is spare time?! Is this a trick question??? -eyes you suspiciously-

Where do you go when you’re depressed?

My office- usually write more when I’m depressed. Home office, not the CabbageMaker mind you.

What’s your perfect car?

The one I own right now. Minus the dents from the hail storm..damn you Mother Nature!

What is your sexual fantasy?

All I can divulge, because a lady never kisses and tells [without motivating compensation, these difficult times and all that], is that it involves $things, fun, an some light bondage.  Safety word is banana.

Where do you want to live?

While I like where I am, I’m sure I’ll end up overseas somewhere. I like culture, and cheap airfare.

Have you ever been in love?

I think the closest I’ve come to that is being in love with the idea of being in love. Honestly, I have no idea if I have or not.

Where’s your favorite vacation spot?

Dunno, this needs a more thorough investigation. You can contribute to my research by clicking the cashy money contribution link on that page.

What is the best compliment?

Any indication given that I’m pounce worthy. Wha? I’m not allowed to have a moment of shallow vanity? Fine, fine, how’s this then: An observation about the kind of person I am. Something like that tells me heaps about the person giving it. Like being told what made me cool to a person. Which is in turn, so very cool of them. I dig that.

What is the worst compliment?

Not a worst compliment, but for some reason it’s burned into my brain things that ‘their’ was misspelled in a photo op as pointed out by the photographer.  I don’t know why I remember this so well.  I’m more likely to get on a grammar fiend’s pip than anything.

What’s the best gift you’ve ever received?

Any that was given for no real reason, just cause they thought I’d like it. You want specifics: Bunny Lee: A bunny dressed in a gui [sp?], when squeezed he makes ‘Waaaaah!’ noises complete with the chop-chop sound effect- I love Asian films, this was a great gift.

Old Skool ‘The Batman’ Valentine: that is teh ruleness hands down.

What perfume do you wear?

Usually go for light, fresh, crisp, clean and/or very light floral scents. The Body Shop’s White Musk, Lucky’s Seven, Celine Dion’s Belong, Splendor are in possession.

Do you think you’re going to die soon?

Haven’t given it much thought

Do you want to die soon?

Hell no, I’m not done yet

How do you want to die?

Don’t care as long as it’s before I’m reduced to having someone else wipe my ass cause I can’t do it anymore.

Do you even like the thought of death?

oh yes, he is a sexy motherfucker…I touch me in those special places when I think about him..[PSA: this is me being cheeky]

Do you dance around your room naked?

Before my surgery, I hardly walked around anywhere in my home in just underwear. Post surgery  I’ve noticed I’m not that wound up over that in my house. I’m pretty sure that has to do with weeks of people changing bandages while I was dressed only slightly more than the day I was born. You kinda don’t care when you’re in pain, healing and wanting to get back to sleep. Funny how that happens.

Do you own a cell phone?

You’re asking a gal that has an uber love of gazmos if she has one. Rhetorical?

If yes, can I have the #?

Ah, your true motives revealed. Sure. 843.382.5633>:D

Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with?

Preferably someone I like who wants to spend the rest of their life with me. And Godzilla. No one messes with Godzilla.

What would you do if a guy came up and threw himself on you?

Probably look at him bewildered and ask him kindly get off of me- he’s gotta buy me a drink first.

What are your plans for tonight?

The same thing they are every night: Try to take over the World! and have a cup of tea, darling cause it’s good for you , antioxidants and all.

Do you want to have sex?

No, I just got my nails and hair done.

If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

I have to pick just one? You know how much thinking that involves?! You’re evil, aren’t you?

What’s the first thing you notice about the opposite sex?

I’m a broad shoulder kinda girl. Dunno what it is, but I like broad shoulders on a man, so that is one thing I definitely will notice. I also realize my eye catches on facial features..I like expressive features: brows, eyes, smile… those things are teh sex to me. And because of how I operate, personality-at least I’m on the lookout for it. Since I’m usually more of an observer at first, it’s safe to say I’ll look you over. Now, you can take that as me being all ‘C’MERE!’ if you want, and that’ll partially be true. The other part is that I actually like looking at the human body, the geek in me likes seeing the muscles work. That’s right, geek, not hormones. You could be Adonis incarnate, but if your personality sucks…that’s what masturbatory toys are for.

What time do you get up?

It’s still dark out…I don’t even need the alarm anymore…but for the sake of letting it feel useful I still set it.

If you could eat lunch with one person, who would it be?

My Dad and my sister- I’d just like to talk with them, get to know the person they’d be now if they were still alive.

Gold or silver?

Silver, but I won’t hate on Platinum, it never did anything to me.

Who would you hate to be stuck in a room with?

How to say this…hmm, generally speaking..everyone society considers normal..because most of them don’t live in reality.

What/who inspires you?

Loaded question, depends on the context. For writing its many things. For life, my family inspires me.

What is your middle name?

Awesome. Seriously, my parents looked at me and knew I was gonna be awesome, so that made it part of my name.

What kind of car do you drive?

One that is freaking paid off. HELL.YES. Naturally, after that happened, we got two hail storms in a it dons battle scars. That is NOT sexiness.

Favorite brand of clothing?

I favor Anne Taylor Loft cause I can get casual and clothes for work. Apt 9 grows on me for jeans cause I love jeans. It’s an epic, hardcore love. Someone’s written a poem about it, it’s that epically hardcore. Srsly. Then I finish with Naughty Monkey Shoes..because they let me have that pop of funk at the workplace.  Yes, I’m really a Tomboy.

Where would you go on vacation?

Let me tell you where I’ve been so you can understand my answer:

I went to Cancun Sept 2004 …resort style where people bring me shiznit.  Left as the hurrahcane [misspelled on purpose] came into Charleston and left Cancun as Ivan brushed by. Talk about timing 😯

Went to Hong Freaking Kong! 18-21 Nov 05, saw Sha Po Lang on the silver screen, met raphy, got my tourist on, lost all my photos when my camera got nicked.  It’s been on of the BEST trips I’ve taken to date.  And I’ll have to go back; if only to spend more time at Po Lin.

Sept 06- Big Bday Bash for Clan McQuillan. I spent 8 days with the family and getting my culture on in Scotland. There were get togethers, good times and lots of empty bottles. Photographic evidence is in the gallery.

Sept06- Finished the UK trip with being in London. Got the chance to meet up and hang with my fav lil bastard aka E and well, we didn’t get arrested. Always a good thing. Photographic evidence in the gallery.  I could spend days in the British Museum.

Feb- Mar 07: Spain baby! I was in Spain for work, so I got to see some cool culture, had paella and churros [o.m.g. Delectable!] and I managed a hop to London to pick up where I left off tourist wise there. It begs a repeat doing. Spain’s a whole lotta country

2009,2010:  I stayed in Vancouver for 8-10 days in August of those years.  Went to a geeky convention, walked about Vancouver for days.  One of my favorite trips.

I plan on doing a 3-4 week trek in Europe sometime…dunno how, but that’s my goal. I also want to go to Japan. I’d also like to take a few weeks and go cross-country USA via train since they have rail passes. Just hop on and off at places that interest me. Figure that’d be a really -really- awesome trip.

Also,  New Zealand.

Can a guy and a girl be just good friends?

What is this, Dear Sally? I’ve seen this once…so yeah it’s possible..but rare. Struck out on this myself..depends on context and the two involved.

Is too messy a valid excuse to avoid body chocolate?

Only if they the person has OCD…and still, that’s what plastic tarps and old shower liners are for.

Is eating chicken almost everyday ok because it tastes great?

Only if you ask for it by name.

Have you ever been at a venue (Club/party/bar/restaurant/etc) and just by being yourself found yourself in an awkward/great/unexpected/etc situation?

When trying to politely decline a dancing invitation when we were in a gay bar, my best friend  labeled me ‘hers’ for the night -‘I’m with her.’

Is ‘I am more interested in the person’s intellect’ a bullshit line that people use to make themselves sound deep or intelligent?

Anything can be a BS line. Depends on the spin. It’s one big cop a feel anyway, enjoy the ride.

How much cash do you have on you?

Hardly ever have cash on me..which I find keeps me from spending money. Genius..isn’t it?

What do you “label” yourself?

Chells.  I’m my own thing.

Bright or Dark Room?

I have this thing about people being able to see through the blinds, I’d like to let in natural light, but the former quirk usually doesn’t let me.

What’s a saying that you say a lot?

‘People are Stupid’ and some variation on ‘Bastard/age!’ and ‘fuckers.’ The last two are said with affection. Lots of affection.

What’s the most recent pop culture reference you’ve used:

The Crow, Lion King, Meow mix..

How many ppl from online do you know/met IRL?

I know most of them because we’ve kept in touch for YEARS.   I’ve even met a few, and the world still exists.    How’s that possible??

When you meet the right person, do you fall fast?

Why do you think I have the kneepads on? 😆 I’m kidding dammit.