$hello World!

This is my website…staring back at you [www.chells.me]

Preety site. Oooooo, Ahhhhh. [pets]

This is and has been my slice of the Great and Massive Internets since the days of Geocities.  I know I just carbon dated myself and so did you if you even know what Geocities was.   I wanted to expand my code fu, so I bought my domain and hosting.  Now that there had been some sweet cashy goodness sacrificed, I had motive to make it count.  I took a decent chunk of time thinking about the domain because it was going to be, well, permanent.  My initial domain name was largely influenced by What Dreams May Come and the idea of creating.  Later I changed it to point more towards the identity I’m most known by: Chells [or Chelle or Chellie..basically the chel’s the constant so far.]  There’s a lot here; a great many things that show my growth as a person and threats of maturity long time pals like to joke couldn’t possibly exist without putting the world in danger.

I’m human.

I’m complicated, messy, ugly,  surly, tough, know-it-ally, precious, easily amused, cynical, sometimes awesome, decently stealthy, constantly seeking adventure, doing my utmost best, Writer of Things, and apparently bake an incredible coconut cake- i.e. I’m a jumble of things.  My cynicism is usually directed at horrible human beings and examples proving time and again that People are $horrible. I ardently look out for people being decent human beings and try to be one.  There’s more, but this should be enough to help you decide to have a looksy (Navigation, Stage North) or mosey on along (no hard feelings; there’s 7+ billion people on this planet, I’m not going to be liked by them all).

JOURNAL : Stop, scroll to the top, click Bloggery.

GALLERY : Because ‘Pics or it didnae happen.’  As punishment, I put up mostly snaps of the tasty deliciousness made in my kitchen.  I’m told this makes me evil. MUWHA HA HA HA HA HAAA /Mojo Jojo

ANODYNE : I’m a Writer, I tend towards fantasy, but I’m on my way to ghost writing my family history too.  All that to say, if something has my attentions, I’ll write it.  I love it, it seems to love me back, I use it to channel stress into creativity.   Anodyne was the result of people wanting to read what I write and this was easier for me than maintaining an email distribution when I went digital with it.  It’s mainly poetry; after a rough patch I tended to not put things out there.  That’s slowly turning around.

A lot of my style developed from writing in RPGs (there’s an archive out there)  in my teens with some seriously talented people with wonderful (and sometimes creepy) imaginations.  It helped me find my…me. Right now, Anodyne is in a bit of disarray. Much like a lot of my notebooks and files with stuff. So fitting and digitally accurate.